Missionary Intern Ministry

Summer Missionary Internship

If you are will have graduated high school in or before 2011 and are between the ages of 17 and 24-years-old, sign up for our Summer Missionary Internship! Work alongside missionaries on the border of Texas and Mexico for four weeks. You will grow in your relationship with God while building leadership skills. The first week you will spend time getting to know our staff and enjoying Christ together. The next three weeks you will work alongside our summer mission teams overseeing and helping with various projects, visiting orphanages, and being a blessing to the teams.

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Our Missionary Interns/staff

Melinda Drescher: I am from Somerset, PA. I was the director of North Ridge Early Learning Center at N.R. Baptist Church. I decided to come here because Juan said to think about it. I did and God opened the doors, so I’m here. I guess I am here because this is where God wants me to be at this time in my life. I am teaching the 4th and 5th grade class. It is the largest elementary class here at the school and I have never taught before in this capacity, so it was a little overwhelming but it is getting better every day. My goal is to be a light in the lives of the children I teach. I want to show Jesus in a real way and have these children grow to love Him in a more personal way than they might learn to through a Sunday school lesson. Random fact: I had two broken arms in college at the same time. I broke my arms when I tripped over a cat on my aunts stairs.

Ilonka Mateo:

My name is Ilonka Mateo, and I am from Dominican Republic. Before I came to MCA, I lived in South Carolina and was working on my Masters Degree in Pupil Personnel Services at Bob Jones University. During my last semester at BJU, Chago was recruiting on campus but I didn’t know that he was there. My teacher’s wife that works at BJU told him to contact me and introduce me to the ministry. So the next day I met with Chago and we talked about it. I wanted to come but, as an international student, I was worried about finances. With that in mind, I agreed to work a different school with whom I had been previously talking. But the Lord did not give me peace about the other school and sent Chago to South Carolina where he contacted me again! I had been asking God to tell me what He really wanted for me and that was the answer to my prayers. I had to call the other school and “resign.” (Yup, without even starting!) After I finally decided not to worry about finances and come to MCA, the other school told me that they could not afford me. So I decided that I would have to start looking for another job. But this time the worries were less. Finally I agreed to come to MCA for one semester and I am still here a year later! The Lord is great and He works in marvelous and mysterious ways! I love this place, and I am very thankful for the opportunity to serve the Lord here.

Emily Zaiser:

Before I came to MCA, I was minding my own business as a substitute teacher. I had recently graduated with a degree in English Education, but I didn’t know what God wanted me to do long-term. Then, one Sunday night, Juan and Rachel Curling visited my church in Michigan and presented the ministry at MCA. I was interested. After talking with them when the service was over, I decided to help in the office for a few weeks. I flew down and met the staff and students. I was hooked. In fact, that was five years ago. Today, I oversee the juniors and seniors, teach various science classes, and help with the drama program. I still spend my vacations with my family in Michigan, but I am always excited to return to my second “family” in Texas. While I still don’t know how long God will allow me to stay part of the MCA family, I pray that my daily focus will be helping others to desire Christ more. Random Fact: Due to the absurd amount of sugar I consume daily, it is a scientific fact that I am part humming bird.