Macedonian Christian Academy

Macedonian Christian Academy is a Christian school for Christian families. The school exists to disciple families and their children. We strive to help make God an all consuming reality. The goal is to collectively realize that God has a sovereign purpose for each of His redeemed children. We are created to enjoy God and His plan for our life. We endeavor to see graduates who lead a life that is worthy of the gospel and marked by a Biblical worldview. At MCA, we believe the chief goal and purpose of all things, including education, is to love God and love our neighbor. True education is literally impossible without such a transcendent goal and purpose.

At MCA, we strive to make Christ the center of our teaching strategy. The Bob Jones Curriculum of Bob Jones University constitutes the basis for our elementary education. More than mere memorization, Bob Jones encourages critical thinking that forms children into intellectuals who understand how to practically apply what they have learned.

Self paced ACE Education is used for Junior High and High School grades. These students are given an opportunity to learn in a classroom setting, as well as to excel at their own individual levels.

To learn more about MCA or to view a calendar of upcoming events, please visit the Macedonian Christian Academy Website.